Blackberry & Lemon Gummies


PLUS Blackberry & Lemon Indica Gummies are all-natural, discreet, hand-crafted gummies. The mellow indica high will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. These are made with a 9:1 THC to CBD ratio for extra relief. PLUS believes great products begin with great sourcing, from the highest quality extracts paired with carefully selected ingredients. The final result is consistent, fast-acting, delicious edibles. 20 servings per container. Each serving contains 4.5mg THC and 0.5mg CBD. Ingredients: Gelatin (not vegetarian), glucose, cannabis, sodium, citric acid, tartaric acid, xylitol, natural flavors and colors. Dietary information: gluten-free.

Blackberry & Lemon Gummies

Blackberry & Lemon Gummies When night falls and it’s time to unwind, a relaxing blend of THC and CBD means peace of mind is only a bite away. With flavors reminiscent of a calming cup of tea, Blackberry, and lemon gummies are a wonderful way to enhance your evening relaxation ritual. Each gummy contains 4.5mg THC and 0.5mg CBD. 20 servings per container.

• Made with All Natural Colors and Flavors • Low Dose • Kosher Ingredients • Gluten Free • Low Calorie (5 calories per gummy) • Low Sugar (Less than 1g per gummy)


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