Charas Cannabis Infused Chocolate Bars


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Charas Cannabis Infused Chocolate Bars

Charas Cannabis Infused Chocolate Bars. Those who love premium dark chocolate and enjoy the goodness of Indica cannabis extract should definitely try this incredibly powerful bar. Each square is infused with 30 mg of THC per square, which is comparatively strong to the other types of bars. Each of these bars has ten squares in total and therefore you get a total of 300 mg THC. You will also enjoy the goodness of 7 mg of CBD and CBN infused in it, respectively.

We produce our dark chocolate via the micro-dosing method. This means that cannabis is infused into the product in small quantities. When consuming confectionaries ingested with a small dose of THC, you will get high slowly. The bars we produced, that are micro-dosed with THC, helps to combat insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Apart from that, these bars help you to have better mental clarity and creativity overall. If you are suffering from severe and short-term pain, the micro-dosed bars of chocolate help to ease the pain.

It takes about an hour for you to get the THC kicking in your body. Upon waiting for 45 minutes, if you cannot get the feel of it, you can increase the dose moderately. However, it is noteworthy that our bodies take different amounts of time to react to THC. This is due to factors like diets, type of body, body mass, metabolism rate and also tolerance towards cannabis. Therefore, the results would differ from one person to another. It is also important to remember not to get overdosed by marijuana. For the new users, it is crucial to ingest the bars in a small amount. This is to watch the effect of the dark chocolate kicking in before you increase the dosage. When taken with other food, the effect of it can be much lower.

The average shelf life is about 3 months and the bars should be stored in a cool and dry environment. In order to prolong the shelf life for a year, store it in the freezer.


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