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Honey Bun Strain | Cookies

Honey Bun Strain | Cookies In this episode of weed that was overhyped to me, I tried Honey Bun by Cookies California. I will likely receive hate in response to this post, but I don’t care. Honey Bun was boring. It wasn’t the experience I was told to expect. Honey Bun by Cookies failed to substantiate the Cookies hype.

There was no information on the packaging so I did a little research for you. According to Cookies, Honey Bun is a hybrid strain from Seed Junkie Genetics. Named for the classic treat because of its sweet, tasty flavors, of which I noticed very little.

The high is said to be happy and uplifting, which may be so. I found the high to be pleasant. Leafly goes on to say that “The creamy and sweet flavor profile of Honey Bun tastes just like a honey glazed donut and will have you wanting more”. Side note: the Leafly page also has two spelling errors making me additionally skeptical


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