Packman Disposables


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Packman Disposables provides the most recent innovation in the vaping business. They offer convenience, discretion, and luxury compared to ordinary vaping devices. Wholesale costs make Live Resin Disposables an affordable option for vaping.

Live Resin Disposables are constructed with high-quality materials and include powerful terpenes. This helps ensure you get a smooth, flavorful vaping experience each time. The disposable design simplifies use and maintenance by eliminating the need for setup and cleaning. Buy Packman Disposable Vapes.

The disposable design makes them great for anyone who needs to use their gadget while on the go. They are discreet and easy to store in a pocket or purse. These devices are pre-charged and pre-filled with e-liquid, allowing for immediate use.

Flavors Include: 1. Blueberry Diesel (Sativa)
2. Mystery OG (Hybrid)
3. Lemon Head (Sativa)
4. Blue Airheadz (Hybrid)
5. Granddaddy Urkle (Indica)
6. Peachy Nerdz (Indica)
7. Watermelon Sour Patch (Sativa)
8. Sunset Gelato (Hybrid)
9. Starburst Runtz (Sativa)
10. Berry Payton (Hybrid)


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