Packwoods x Runtz Vape


$15 Off

Runtz x Packwood’s Disposable vape pens 380mAh E-cigarettes Rechargeable Battery Vape Pen 3ml Vaporizer with Packing, Filled with 2000mg of high-quality THC distillate

Already pre-filled and ready smoke, with up to 1000 puffs in each vape.

Get Bulk discounts up to 25% on orders above 10 vapes. (Maximum order 50 Vapes)

Packwoods x Runtz Disposable Vapes, a genuine connoisseur’s pleasure, provides the finest vaping experience.

With high potency and 100% cannabis extracts, you may experience the pure essence of cannabis.

Our cartridges are handcrafted with care and include single-source terpenes extracted straight from classic strains, ensuring a true and aromatic vaping experience. runtz Vape Pens


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