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Wazabi Zushi Strain When cannabis aficionados think about the ten co, classic and beloved strains like zushi, yellow zushi, and zoy inevitably come to mind. One of their newer creations, wazabi is on its way to that legendary status. This potent hybrid tests over 25% THC on average and comes from crossing Zkittlez x Kush Mints #10

The Wazabi buds have forest-green leaves, hidden under a mass of gold trichomes, with orange pistils scattered throughout. The trichomes lend fuzzy stripes of amber to the buds’ lime-green appearance. The kief content is very high in this strain, so using a tray when handling the buds is recommended.

Wazabi has a pine aroma, with hints of zesty, lemon-citrus, and fresh spearmint. The mint flavor is similar to mint chocolate chip ice cream and boasts a spicy, kush aftertaste.

The high has been described by some as lucid and euphoric. One user described it as melting into the flow of the universe, with the feeling of being guided by intuition. Although users give rave reviews of the narcotic-like body buzz, recommending it for those with chronic pain and arthritis, energy reportedly comes on strong and remains steady. These stable energy levels make Wazabi an excellent daytime choice among Indica lovers that need to keep moving, according to some reviewers’ recommendations. Stimulation of appetite, relief from cramps/spasms, and improvement in mood are just some of the benefits being reported by users of Mintz strain.

This strain is an excellent and powerful hybrid that tastes great and fans say it won’t leave you hopelessly couch-locked.

The effects of Wazabi are immediately quite heavy and leave you quite locked and lazy, however still functional enough to run some errands or get some weekend work done.


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