Black Label 500mg FlavRx Co2 Oil Cartridge


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  • 71% THC
  • 500mg cartridge
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Black Label 500mg FlavRx Co2 Oil Cartridge can be purchased online.

Purchase a Black 500mg cartridge labeled FlavRx. It’s cannabis oil that has been ultra-refined. The cartridge contains 1g of THC at a concentration of 48.82 percent.

FlavRx cartridges are available in a variety of flavors to satisfy any desire or preference. There are Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. The benefits of using this steam cartridge include clean flavor and smooth smoke.

FlavRx cartridges have the best flavor and the HIGHEST power of any cannabis vapor cartridge. Each cartridge has its own strain. Extraction without the use of solvents. The available cartridges are only used once. Make it simple to steam and restart if you want to do more without the risk of residue. Other concentrates were extracted from the cartridge chamber. FlavRx Cartouche Smell and Flavor

FlavRx cartridges’ concentration is a cannabis breakthrough. A solventless process is used to collect purified raw cannabinoids. Different terpene blends are used to produce various end products.

Black Label 500mg FlavRx Co2 Oil Cartridge High-purity raw cannabinoids reduce the risk of inhaling unwanted fats. With lipids, waxes can cause conditions such as pneumonia. Terpene mixtures are created in the laboratory using food-grade ingredients.

a mind-bending hybrid that hits you like a freight train, with strong Sativa effects This Northern California staple combines Mexican and Thai Sativa with Afghani Indica, producing sweet lemon and spicy pine flavors. Trainwreck began its frantic journey through his heart with a rush of euphoria to emphasize creativity and happiness.

The final solvent-free product is a concentrate that resembles actual blooms. Each input is tested for purity and quality using strain profiles as a guide. FlavRx cartridges inspired each package. We provide high-quality online flavors cartridges.


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