Flo Sauced Vape Pen


Selectively concentrating the finest fractions from strain-specific cannabis,

Flo Sauced Vape Pen

Flo Sauced Vape Pen We have fine-tuned the selectivity process to capture natural fruity esters and flavonoids that significantly contribute to the flavor experience along with terpenes to provide the natural ratios native to cannabis flowers. Great for daytime use, stop by your local dispensary to experience the Sauce and experience the most natural dankest high in cartridge form.

FLO went all out on their latest box for their high-end vape pen Sauce cartridge. We designed a wrapped chipboard magnetic box with multiple foil placements and a foam insert. Inside the beautiful box, we provided a labeled child-resistant tube to hold their standard size cartridge. Additionally, the outside out the box features a sleek strain label sticker. Look for this box on shelves at your favorite dispensary today.


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